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Prime Media Corporation
255 Newport Drive, Suite 200
Port Moody British Columbia
V3H 5B9
Corporate Team

DB Tolentino - President/CEO
MBA, International Business Management

Neil Mori- VP Operations /Legal Counsel

BA Sc Law

Steve Shenton-Director of Marketing & Sales
BSc Marketing

JC Watts -Controller
C.G A.

Pam Kushnar-Credit Manager/Services

Chris Tolentino-Manager Human Resources

Chris Guise- Tech Support
BSc Computer Sciences

Nikki Torres- Customer Services

Emily Lee- Receptionist

A. Pagsuilini-FL
Dan Belzhik-FL
T, Prado


Prime Media Group is proud to be associated with some of the leaders in the e-Business world. These strategic alliances help us to leverage powerful resources to support and extend our own capabilities.

Together with our strategic partners, we will help implement these changes and smoothen the path to success.



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