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Prime Media Corporation
255 Newport Drive, Suite 200
Port Moody British Columbia
V3H 5B9

Prime Media Group has a client base in 18 countries from various industries including publishing, retail, media and consulting. Working with our clients rather than working for them is the way we build long-lasting relationships and help our clients get the most out of their ecommerce investments.

Here are some of our subsidiaries and divsions.


Traders Escrow

First Press Release

Masters Art Gallery

Promote Horizon


USA City

Report a Fraud


IE Track Erase

The Real Estate Channels

Upcoming Websites:

World Tradeboard - To be launched soon.
National Price Club
Canada Trade-To be launched soon
Canada Credit Exchange- Coming soon.
US Price Club-Coming Soon
US Credit Exchange- TBA
EU TRADE Exchange -coming soon
iVOIP US-Coming soon

Plus many other succesfull websites on line.

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